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Translational Imaging

The Translational Imaging Laboratory is led by director Marc Kaufman, Ph.D., and is located in a separate facility about 200 yards from the McLean Imaging Center. The scanner can be used for animal scanning (non human primates (NHP), rats and mice with NHP sized coils). The scanner is actively shielded (minimal fringe magnetic field outside of the magnet bore) and has 2 radiofrequency (RF) transmit and 4 receive channels. It is equipped with 3 gradient/shim sets that support ultra high resolution structural imaging, functional imaging (fMRI), and multinuclear chemical imaging (e.g., proton (1H), phosphorus (31P), fluorine (19F), carbon (13C), etc. spectroscopy studies) in animal subjects as small as mice and as large as adult rhesus monkeys. All image processing is performed in the MIC center and so an extensive intranet system connects the two buildings to permit data and programs to pass.