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Applied Neuroimaging Statistics Laboratory

Research conducted in the Applied Neuroimaging Statistics Lab at McLean Hospital focuses on three major areas: 1) developing new statistical methods for functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data analysis, 2) using MRI to investigate the structural and functional brain connectome, and 3) applying state-of-the-art analysis methods such as multi-modal data fusion and machine learning methods for basic neuroimaging research on addiction and psychiatric illness. Recent projects have involved developing a new method to combine multi-modal MRI data across multiple research studies or sites, developing new brain network analysis techniques for task fMRI, and using multivariate data-driven data fusion to investigate the links between brain structure and function in individuals with substance use disorders. We utilize large-scale open access neuroimaging study data, including data from the Human Connectome Projects (Lifespan, Disease) and the UK Biobank, for methods development and to investigate addiction and psychiatric disorders. Dr. Nickerson also provides statistical support, mentoring and training for junior scientists and collaborators on imaging statistics, resting state and task fMRI data analysis, multivariate data-driven methods and other imaging analysis topics, and acts as a biostatistics consultant for the Harvard Catalyst to provide imaging statistics support throughout the Harvard research community.