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Sleep Research

The Sleep Research Laboratory is led by Dr. Scott Lukas, Ph.D. and is located in the McLean Imaging Center of McLean Hospital. Originally established by Drs. Cynthia M. Dorsey and Scott E. Lukas (who remains as the scientific director), the Sleep Research Laboratory remains dedicated to understanding human sleep physiology and behavior. Past and present experimentation in the Sleep Research Laboratory cover a broad spectrum of research interests comprised of our goals of conducting clinical experimental sleep research and clinical trials.

Our research attempts to characterize the relationship between sleep and physical and mental health. One primary focus has been the role that insomnia plays in mental health and substance abuse and the impact of disorders luke sleep apnea play in managing psychiatric disorders. Within this research area, we have directed interests in understanding sleep in psychiatric disorders, the neurocognitive and behavioral effects of insomnia, and the efficacy and mechanisms of action of behavioral therapy and of sedative hypnotics.

Another primary focus of the Sleep Research Laboratory is the interaction of sleep physiology and behavior with drugs of abuse. Research from our laboratory has provided a greater understanding of the interactions between sleep physiology and behavior with drug addiction. For example, research has both examined the effects of drugs of abuse on sleep, the effects of disordered sleep in drug-dependent populations, and the effects of sleep loss in drug-taking behaviors. Understanding the contribution of sleep loss in increasing drug-relapse potential and in perpetuating drug use remains of particular interest to our research group. The Sleep Research Laboratory has participated in over 20 industry-sponsored studies.

In addition, The McLean Hospital Sleep Diagnostic and Treatment Center operates within the MIC. The Administrative Director, Wendy Tartarini, directs the clinical services along with Drs. Jim Hudson and Scott Lukas and our Senior Chief Polysomnographic Technician, Sharon Heffernan. The Center offers full spectrum sleep disorders diagnostic and treatment services to the Pavilion Unit on the McLean Hospital campus. Using state of the art portable home monitoring equipment, patients are assessed while they sleep in their own beds on the unitópreventing the need to transport them to another site and sleep in an unfamiliar setting. Once a sleep disorder is identified, the patientís physician is provided with treatment recommendations as well as referrals to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) services and behavioral health programs.